The Skylight Gallery

at the Hillsborough Artists Cooperative


The Hillsborough Artists Cooperative

Established in 1992, the coop began as a group of individual artists creating art at 102 West King Street. We are currently eight artists who use a wide range of media and share a quest to expand the presence of art on the planet. We open our studios monthly sharing our latest work. Recently, we began creating Coop Special Events where we, in collaboration with guest artists, create interactive art experiences for the public.

The Skylight Gallery

Upon its inception, the co-op decided to have the middle studio, with the skylight, available and open for member artists, and to show guest artists’ work. The Skylight Gallery is run by the co-op and seeks to be an opportunity for a wide range of work to be shared with the public. We host a new event each Last Friday February-November.