The Skylight Gallery

at the Hillsborough Artists Cooperative

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Friends of the Skylight Gallery:

The Skylight Gallery will present “Inside Out” on August 25, 2017. The title
is open to interpretation. We invite you to participate in our show. If
interested please contact Tom Guthrie by August 15. We hope
you will join us!

The show will be open hanging. Provide your own labels. Participants will
deliver and hang their work at scheduled times before the show, or as late as
the night of the show. We will put up clotheslines with clothespins inside and
outside.  Participants who want to use the clotheslines should consider bringing
work on paper or textile work or other lightweight constructions. Other ways to
display art:

In Skylight Gallery on the wall, floor, or podium, with assistance from
co-op members/friends in hanging. If it is possible for people can park where
their vehicles are in sight, they could display art in the car windows. This
would give the town a very festive look!

Other artists displaying outside should not hammer or drill nails/screws
into brick, mortar, window sills, doors, or fences but could hang their work
from the wooden fence or trees or guy wires, etc. Bring your own ropes or wires.
Outside art should be taken home at the end of the night.  Get out before the
authorities show up and ask who is in charge here.  Inside art could remain if
artists want to leave it for a few weeks.

We are considering wearing our clothes inside out for the event.