The Skylight Gallery

at the Hillsborough Artists Cooperative

Past Events

Dates: 2/22 to 3/24

A Last Friday Event – February 22, 2019 6-9

Title of show: Textures of Nature & Resistance

Medium: Photography

Artists: Jim Jingozian, Deborah Rosenstein, Sarah Cross, Ann Louise Barrick, Roxana Bendazu, Rachel Cotterman, Luisa Stavig, Shannon Bueker, Davida Eidukas, Leslie Nydick, Michele Fazio, and others

A Last Friday Event January 2019

The Skylight Gallery presents "Something Old, Something New", a mixed media 
group show focusing on the creative evolution over time of artists in the 
Hillsborough Artists Cooperative. In addition, a guided pop-up/interactive art 
experience will be provided by visiting artist Leagh Anderson. Reception will be 
6-9PM on January 25.


A Last Friday Event November 2018

The Skylight Gallery presents “A Holiday Pop Up” by Steven Brouillard, Debbie Suchoff and Anna Wallace, featuring photography, drawings, jewelry, ceramics, wearable and fine art textiles.  Join us for an opening reception November 30, 6-9pm. Pop Up will run through December 26.



Last Friday in October

The Skylight Gallery presents:

       “Boxes and Birds”, Painted Papier Mâché Sculpture by Joanne Ivey

       Assemblages by Julia Adams Scheurich.

Reception will be 6-9PM on October 26. The show will be in place until November 24.


Last Friday in September 2018

Emotional Climate: Despair to Serenity
Mixed Medium Monotypes that explores a range of emotional responses over a two-year period.
An Exhibit By Susan Leeb
Opening Reception
Friday, September 28, 2018, 6 to 9 pm
Skylight Gallery, upstairs at 102 W. King Street, Hillsborough, NC
The show continues! The gallery will be open Saturdays and Sundays through the 21st of September from 1 to 5 pm.

Last Friday in August 2018

Please join us for Summer Expressions: A Film Photography Exhibition by friends of Cedar Ridge Darkroom. 6-9pm, August 31st, 102 West King at the Skylight Gallery. In association with Last Fridays. Special screening at 7:30pm from the Media Arts Exchange summer programs. All ages are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.


Cedar Ridge

Opening Reception: Friday, July 27 6-9PM

Presented by the Hillsborough Artist Cooperative at the
Skylight Gallery.

  • Located above Antonia’s Restaurant at 102 West King Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278
  • Gallery Hours: Friday 6-9, Saturday 12-5, and Sunday 12-5
  • On view through August 26

Join us for this special mother-daughter show.


June Last Friday 2018

Skylight Gallery will present a multi-media invitational group show – from the first week in June to the third week in July 2018 – as part of the Triangle-wide “The Walls We Build” art project. Included in the show will be an installation involving the world’s largest diamond inside a construction representing social and economic barriers to equality. Presenters of the Diamond include Jennifer Miller, Jayne Bomberg, Michael Brown, Hunter Levinsohn, Tom Guthrie, Bob Hall, Jackie Liggins and Steven Brouillard. Reception: June 29, 2018, 6-9PM
diamond image one
Friday, May 25th, 2018
6-9 Skylight Gallery, 102 West King Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Above Antonia’s Restaurant
Please drop by our student photography show from 6-9 on May Last Fridays at Skylight Gallery.  Featuring prints created from original B&W 35mm negatives.  All the work was created in our Pilot Darkroom Program at Cedar Ridge HS.  Students learned to shoot, process and print photographs in our very own darkroom!  Landscapes, portraits, and still lifes will be included.
Refreshments will be provided!
For more information check out our website:
tree photo

Opening Friday April 27, 2018. Continuing for next three weeks.

The Skylight Gallery is open Fridays 6-9, Saturday and Sunday noon-5.
April LF


Last Friday – Reception 6-9PM on March 30 Skylight Gallery Presents:

“Root Bound”: an exploration of place, story and the power of words to tie us to each other.

Ida Trisolini uses old paperback books as a medium to
“dig” into the roots of the places she loves.  Using paper, glue, and tree roots
(from trees upturned as a result of the logging of a piece of land near her
home) Ida plays with the idea of the relationship between place, story, and what
binds us to each other.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.37.27 AM

“Walls We Build”  meeting at Skylight Gallery, 6:30PM on Feb. 9

Donn Young of artistUnited, chief planner of the “Walls We Build” Triangle-wide events in June 2018, has agreed to speak with our co-op members and friends at the Skylight Gallery on Friday Feb. 9.  Please plan to arrive at Skylight Gallery by 6:30 p.m..  Let us know if you are planning to come.  

Our co-op is planning a June 2018 Last Friday group exhibition as a part of the larger Walls project.  We are excited about it and hope you will plan to contribute a piece to the show.  Let us know if you plan to do so, so that we can plan for space.  

If you have questions about the Walls project and how you can best be a part of it,  please come to the Feb. 9 talk by Donn Young and ask him questions at that time or you can email/phone with him at your leisure.  His website which contains his contact information: <>

As Donn describes on his website about the event:  artist UNITED presents “The Walls We Build,” multi-county event for Triangle-region artists to express their ideas, create, and exhibit. Galleries, museums, schools, and pop up artists are invited to present their work during the Art Walk events in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough. The Walls We Build project is designed to be a month-long exhibition of art and programming in June 2018.

GENERATIONS Art Show:  Mixed media, performance, photography, and film installation.  Last Friday February 23 from 6 – 9

Artists:  Dillon Ingold, Kyra Yarborough, Chloe Strauss, Mame Cotter, and Andrea DeGette. Please join us from 6-9pm on Friday, February 23, 2017 at the Skylight Gallery, 102 West King St. downtown Hillsborough (Above Antonia’s Restaurant.)


Press Release:

Art event at Skylight Gallery, 6-9PM, on Friday, January 26, 2018

Please join us for an evening of pop-up/art share to celebrate the beginning of the 2018 art season! Bring a sculpture, painting, photo, etc. to spontaneously hang and show
in the Skylight Gallery from 6-9PM. In addition, at 7:30PM we will gather as a
group in the Skylight room to share our favorite readings. Bring a poem, prose,
lines from a favorite play or philosophical work, any original piece of your own
writing to share with the group. A great antidote to Netflix! 102 W. King St.
(downtown Hillsborough above Antonias Restaurant). Reply to this email if any


One night only,  Friday, October 27, 6-9 p.m. Skylight Gallery at the Hillsborough Artists Cooperative, 102 W. King St., above Antonia’s Restaurant.

 “Rogues of Bogue Return” with a new exhibition of fine crafts by Bogue Sound sisters Cindy and Deede Miller, and Frances Bishop.

Original fiber arts, felted bags and hats, quilts, feed sack shopping bags, found-materials hanging sculptures, decorative paintings on wood (barn art), and other unusual gifts.





September 29, 2017, Hillsborough last Friday 6-9, The Skylight Gallery presents:

Etudes by Tom Willis

Media:  Acrylic
Color, line and form make their own kind of music.


carolina landscape 2

 August Last Friday:


Friends of the Skylight Gallery:

The Skylight Gallery will present “Inside Out” on August 25, 2017. The title
is open to interpretation. We invite you to participate in our show. If
interested please contact Tom Guthrie by August 15. We hope
you will join us!

The show will be open hanging. Provide your own labels. Participants will
deliver and hang their work at scheduled times before the show, or as late as
the night of the show. We will put up clotheslines with clothespins inside and
outside.  Participants who want to use the clotheslines should consider bringing
work on paper or textile work or other lightweight constructions. Other ways to
display art:

In Skylight Gallery on the wall, floor, or podium, with assistance from
co-op members/friends in hanging. If it is possible for people can park where
their vehicles are in sight, they could display art in the car windows. This
would give the town a very festive look!

Other artists displaying outside should not hammer or drill nails/screws
into brick, mortar, window sills, doors, or fences but could hang their work
from the wooden fence or trees or guy wires, etc. Bring your own ropes or wires.
Outside art should be taken home at the end of the night.  Get out before the
authorities show up and ask who is in charge here.  Inside art could remain if
artists want to leave it for a few weeks.

We are considering wearing our clothes inside out for the event.




July 2017 Last Friday Event:

July SLG


June 30, 2017
Please join us for SISTERS:  A performance and multi-media event
Friday June 30th from 6-9 at the SKYLIGHT Gallery in association with the Hillsborough Artists COOP.  Performance by Mame Cotter, Film by Andrea DeGette, Photography by Dillon Ingold
Refreshments will be served.


May 2017 Last Friday Event:

In “Journey to The Good Life,” artist Kulsum Tasnif tells the story of migrants
and refugees in various phases of their lives. Through the use of cultural
patterns, illustrations, Arabic calligraphy, and audio accounts, her work
strives to connect the audience with the universal human struggle of loss, pain,
and the basic need for survival. Reception 6-9PM, May 26.


Friday March 31, 2017 6-9 pm

Next Event at the Skylight Gallery


Friday.January 27.2017 Skylight Gallery will present

“Pop-Up: Do Your Own Thing! Number Two”

Definition: to do what you want without worrying about what
anyone else thinks of you. This will be a group show of co-op members and
friends,  focusing on a celebration of artistic individuality and diversity.
Artists will deliberately NOT coordinate their artworks beforehand, and will
remain ignorant of each others’ works until the night of the show. The show is
intended to be a surprise for all. Reception is from 6 to 9 PM.

The Skylight Gallery presents “Peaceful Carolina”

Reception on November 25, 2016 from 6-9

A Hillsborough Last Friday Event

The oil on linen paintings by Henri Lorie are inspired by the tranquility of North Carolina vistas, from coastal marshes to Piedmont cottages and barns. Color harmonies, in addition to lights and shadows, are the artist’s main focus.


October 2016 Last Friday at the Skylight Gallery 6-9 p.m

An invitational exhibition “Political”

Mixed media, including painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, graffiti and collage by co-op artists and friends. Interactive – performance and costumes are a thumbs up.

To enter something, RSVP by October 20 to Tom Guthrie (


Kulsum Tasnif delivered two photos of some of her graffiti art to the Skylight Gallery on October 5. This work will be included in the “Political” exhibit, October 28, and she also plans a solo show at the Skylight Gallery for the Last Friday in May 2017. Kulsum is of Pakistani descent, and has lived in Raleigh for many years. You can learn more about her and see her work at her web site:

*Rumor has it that there may be a spirited sing-along of The Fugsclassic political “Nothing”.


EXTRA free important EVENT

Saturday October 29 6:30

“Equal Means Equal” 

About the Equal Rights Amendment or the ERA and the status of women in the US. Opening remarks by NC4ERA chair Marena Groll

the Skylight Gallery, 102 W. King Street, Saturday October 29, over Antonia’s Restaurant for information and to reserve a seat call 919-644-8637.

“Every constitution written since the end of World War II includes a provision that men and women are citizens of equal stature. Ours does not.”

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Details: Starting at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday October 29 at Hillsborough’s downtown Skylight Gallery, 102 W. King Street, Marena Groll will briefly introduce the revived state and national movement to enact the Equal Rights Amendment, and will answer questions, before the showing of a new 1.5 hour documentary titled “Equal Means Equal.”

The film, produced by Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette and directed by Kamala Lopez, is an intense exploration of the status of women in America, exploring the pay gap, pregnancy discrimination, female poverty, reproductive health care, and sexual assault. Marena Groll is chair of NCERA, http://, and Co-Chair of ERA-NC Alliance,, involved in state and national efforts to pass the ERA. In 2015, ERA bills were introduced in both NC chambers by Sen. Floyd McKissick and Rep. Carla Cunningham.

Despite past decades of effort, the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution failed in 1982, after being ratified in 35 states but falling short of the needed 38 states before a government-imposed deadline. North Carolina was one of the states that did not ratify the ERA. New efforts are underway to ratify the amendment which reads, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

Submitted by Jennifer Miller, Hillsborough Artists Cooperative/Skylight Gallery, 102 W. King Street, Hillsborough NC 27278, 919-644-8637, email:

To contact the knowledgable Marena Groll, email her at Link to the documentary “Equal Means Equal”:

September 2016 Last Friday at the Skylight Gallery

A Literary Gathering with Mame Cotter

Join us for a literary evening Friday, September 30th, from 6-9
You can bring your favorite writers that have inspired you.
 Prose, poems, plays that are published or something original that you have written.


Self Portrait Show



hunter showvideography

6-9 pm

The Skylight Gallery


Tom Willis

New Works

Friday, APRIL 24th

6-9 pm

The Skylight Gallery


Hillsborough Artists Cooperative’s

Special Event #4:

erotica art show-2

Erotica:  A Call To Arms?

Erotic Art, Food, Music and A Special Erotic Surprise

Friday, MARCH 27th

6-9 pm

The Skylight Gallery

featuring Co-op Members plus guest artists Joanie Alexander, Michael Brown, Steven Brouillard and Shiangtai Tuan



Book Sculpture by Ida Trisolini

Thursday, October 30, 6-9pm and

Friday, October 31, 6-9pm


Black and White

Friday, September 26,2014

Jayne Bomberg

Jayne Bomberg

Jayne Bomberg

Jayne Bomberg



Dreaming of….

25 artists created a show of varied work and

 a miniature museum titled:

Triangle Women’s Art Museum

Friday, August 29, 6-9pm

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Jayne Bomberg, Edie Cohn, Andrea Degette, Louise Franke, Susan Leeb, Hunter Levinsohn, Susie Lieff, Jackie Liggins, Jennifer Miller, Kaola Phoenix, Barbara Rhoades, Ann Rowles, Beatrice Schall, Madelyn Smoak, Hollie Taylor, Rosie Thompson, Trudy Thomson, Marta Tomero, Ginny Tyler, Barbara Tyroler, Emily Weinstein & Susan Wells.

Trudy Thomson, Purple Passion Speculates silk scarf.

Trudy Thomson, Purple Passion Speculates, silk scarf.

Ginny Tyler, Sun + Planet, coal, silver chain, butterfly wing.

Ginny Tyler, Sun + Planet, coal, silver chain, butterfly wing.

Louise Franke. Summers Light, mixed media on canvas

Louise Franke, Summers Light, mixed media on canvas


Beatrice Schall, Meditation on Spring 11″ x 3″ mixed media

Susi Lieff, wasichana wote,  kutoka nchi zote, kutoka kwa miongo yote, kurudi. 12” X 16” mixed media on canvas

Susan Leeb Not Good at Map Reading

Susan Leeb Not Good at Map Reading 1″ x 1.5″ x .5″ Copper, paper, old maps.

Hunter Levinsohn Triangle Women's Art Museum

Hunter Levinsohn Triangle Women’s Art Museum

Participants for August 29, 2014 Show in the Skylight Gallery

Curated by Hunter Levinsohn

Jayne Bomberg,

Edie Cohn,

Andrea Degette,

Louise Francke, maybe,

Galia Goodman,

Day Higgs,

Joan Holbrook, maybe

Bryant Holsenbeck,

Susan Leeb,

Hunter Levinsohn,

Susi Lieff,

Jackie Liggins,

Jennifer Miller,

Kaola Phoenix,

Barbara Rhoades,

Ann Rowles,

Beatrice Schall,

Madelyn Smoak,

Hollie Taylor,

Rosie Thompson,

Trudy Thomson,

Marta Tornero, ,museum show only

Ginny Tyler,

Emily Weinstein,

Susan Wells,


African American Quilt Circle of Durham:


Friday, June 29, 2014 

Reception 6 – 9 pm



Reflections on an idea, thought, concept, experience, event, remark, musical piece, image or action evoke a variety of responses and feelings that vary from person to person. These responses and feelings lead to exciting interactions, discussions and frequently new creations and discoveries. Experience reflections ingeniously expressed in fabrics by the AAQC.


Andrea DeGette:

Dry Moon

Friday, June 27, 2014 

A pre-screening of Dry Moon, the feature film by local award-winning filmmaker Andrea DeGette.  
We celebrated our newly launched Indiegogo Campaign— enjoy food and entertainment throughout the evening.
Festivities include:  music, refreshments, a pre-screening of the feature film project, samples of the campaign give-aways, artifacts, and a meet and greet with members of the cast and crew.
For more information contact the filmmaker or check out the website:  dry or like us on our Facebook page.  Hope to see you there!


Special Event 2:

Do You Want to Live Forever?

Friday, May 30, 2014 

An interactive artistic experience where visitors put something of
themselves in an actual Time Capsule as part of the timeless quest for

Artists include:

Jennifer Miller, Andrea DeGette, Tiffney Marley,
Tom Guthrie, Michael Brown, Jim Kellough, and Shiangtai Tuan, with surprise
guest appearances.

Co-op Special Event planning board

Co-op Special Event planning board

Co-op Special Event Planning board detail

Co-op Special Event Planning board detail

Co-op Special Event Planning board detail

Co-op Special Event Planning board detail


Dead Coral

Dead Coral

Hot Earth Artists Troupe: Responds to Global Warming

April 25, 6-9pm

HEAT responded to the planetary crisis.

Artists include:

Donn Young, Hunter Levinsohn, Godi Godar, Anne Gregory-Bepler, Jayne Bomberg, Michael Brown, Tom Guthrie, Leslie Deede Miller, Tiffney Marley, Louise Francke, RAMCELL, and organized by Jennifer Miller.

Jayne's Survival Kit Ladder

Jayne’s Survival Kit Ladder

Would this guy be suitable as a refreshment?

Would this guy be suitable as a refreshment?

Michael Brown and Tom Guthrie making important announcements and listenings.

Michael Brown and Tom Guthrie making important announcements and listenings.

NC WARN's Nick Wood

NC WARN’s Nick Wood

Photograph from New Orleans' 9th Ward after Superstorm Katrina, by Donn Young

Photograph from New Orleans’ 9th Ward after Superstorm Katrina, by Donn Young

Sculpture by Hunter Levinsohn

Sculpture by Hunter Levinsohn

Sinking Marsh, oil painting by Deede Miller

Sinking Marsh, oil painting by Deede Miller


Tim Duffy and Aaron Greenhood: Music Maker Tintype

March 28, 2014

Ironing Board Sam
wet plate collodion tintype
6.5 x 4.5 inches

Tim and Aaron have spent the last year taking tin type images. With a focus on documenting modern blues heroes, their collaboration contains portraits of musicians, family and people they adore. They have created a book and a set of note cards with some of their favorites. Both items will be for sale at the opening. Proceeds benefit the Music Maker Relief Foundation.

You can watch a great 3min video of their process here —> Music Maker Tintype Video

Aaron Greenhood- chemist
wet plate collodion tintype
6.5 x 4.5 inches

Tim Duffy- photographer
wet plate collodion tintype
6.5 x 4.5 inches


Chloe Strauss: In Sight

Friday, February 28, 2014

Chloe Straus. Shaken End 17 x 24 inches Acrylic and marker
Chloe Straus. Shaken End
17 x 24 inches
Acrylic and marker
Chloe Strauss. Light Drops Cold 16 x 20 inches Acrylic
Chloe Strauss. Light Drops Cold
16 x 20 inches
Chloe Strauss
Chloe Strauss

Chloe is a student at Cedar Ridge High School and filled the gallery with art lovers young and old.

Here are some words about her latest art:

Taken from a love of Cinema and interest in the human condition, Strauss’ collection features quick glimpses into other lives and other worlds. Intense expression and color make you wonder about those living within the pieces.

Relatable though slightly surreal, In Sight explores what could be.

Acrylics, chalk pastels, markers, oil pastel, and greenware will be on display.


Inalienable – A Co-op Special Event

October 25, 2013

Co-op members created and filmed a special event titled “Inalienable”. Its focus  was to explore using the art gallery in a way that actively involved visitors through playful and spontaneous interaction with artists and artworks.

Here are some images of the fun:


photo copy